Net Zero Investment

LED Lighting Upgrade + Tax Incentives + Rebates = Net Zero Investment*

LED Lighting Upgrade
You will eliminate avoidable profit leaks when you choose an LED Lighting Upgrade.

  • Reduced Energy Cost
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost
  • Improved Visual Performance
  • Shrink Your Environmental Footprint

Tax Incentives
The government wants you to make your building more efficient, and offers tax incentives to help you pay for it.

  • Partial Asset Depreciation – on removal of existing (the remaining depreciation)
  • Bonus Depreciation / QIP – on installation of new (applied to new equipment)
  • Accelerated Depreciation – 3115 change of accounting method (we provide the required forensic engineering study)
  • EPAct – Energy Policy Act – 179D

Utility companies want you to make your building more efficient, and offer rebates to help you pay for it.

  • Prescriptive Rebates
  • Custom Rebates
  • Combination Rebates

You won’t save money on LED Upgrades with TaxCentric Lighting – You’ll MAKE MONEY*

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