Why TCL?

Why TaxCentricLighting (TCL)?

 Inefficient Lighting Systems are a repeatable waste of money and an avoidable burden on profits and the environment.

With TaxCentric Lighting you will be more competitive and more profitable in your industry or market immediately.

Depending on the facts and circumstances of your current lighting system, treatment of lighting equipment assets it is possible you may be able to upgrade your lighting with a cash-less up-front transaction. 

If you know how to apply a tax-centric design, it is not uncommon to realize tax liability reductions equal to 60% or more of your initial investment to upgrade your lighting system.  When you add a tax-centric lighting design strategy along with energy and maintenance savings as well as qualified utility rebates, it is reasonable to expect an 80% or more off-set of cash in the first year. 

A TaxCentric Lighting System Upgrade Impacts Positive Cash Flow 5 Ways

1. Lower your daily operating costs
2. Usually no need for up-front cash (custom financing available)
3. Qualify for Utility Rebates (cash in the front door)
4. Increase the value of your building asset
5. Reduce your current year tax liability

There is no cost or obligation to a TCL estimate of Benefit if you agree to answer a few questions to determine if you qualify for a TaxCentric Lighting upgrade.